Save just Rs 7 per day and take over Rs 60,000

This news is very useful for you if you also want to protect your old age. Because by joining this government scheme you can get an annual pension of Rs. 60,000. That too after saving only Rs. 7 per day. Let me tell you that Atal Pension Scheme (APY) was introduced by the government especially for old age. Due to which crores of people are benefiting by joining till now. The Atal Pension Scheme was launched by Prime Minister Modi in 2015. Apart from pension, eligible person will also get many other benefits after joining the scheme. After that the worries of old age will not bother you at all. Because this plan will give you Rs. 5,000 per month.

n fact, the Atal Pension Scheme was launched in 2015. Earlier, the scheme was introduced for people working in the unorganized sector, but now any Indian citizen between the ages of 18 and 40 can invest in the scheme. Under this scheme, the depositors start getting pension after 60 years. Under this scheme, you can get a minimum monthly pension of Rs.1000, Rs.2000, Rs.3000, Rs.4000 and maximum Rs.5000. Depending on your investment, the amount of the pension will continue to increase and decrease. You must be a citizen of India to apply for the scheme. In addition you should have an Aadhaar number and a savings account in any government bank.